For professional purposes: Gabbie Nolen Bio.

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re likely aware that in addition to writing and editing, I record jingles, commercials and sing for live events ranging from conferences and worship services to weddings and funerals. I am both classically and commercially trained having spent years honing my talents with some of the best vocal and acting coaches in the United States.

Prior to completing my Bachelors and Masters, I was a recording artist on Universal Republic Records, New York. I spent a significant amount of my life growing up on the road which afforded me the opportunity to meet and experience some unique people and events. My first nationally released single made its way to #1 on the Billboard Singles Sales Chart and received recognition in a number of publications. **I have to put a caveat in because of my vocal diversity and passion for classical music: that particular song and album was country, but I am not a “country singer”. I am, however, a singer who happened to sing country–in addition to a vast variety of other genres!

Before signing with Universal Republic,  I performed extensively throughout my home state of Texas, and on the weekends my mom would drive me to surrounding states–Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, where I made fond memories and gained invaluable knowledge. I completed high school at 15 due to the time and energy focused on making music. As a teenage independent artist I had two top-charting singles on the Texas Music Chart and will always treasure those years.

If you’re wondering how I went from traveling from city to city, hotel to hotel to now recording voice overs, it’s simple and complicated all at the same time. The long and short of it, however, is this: I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and the music/entertainment industry did not often mesh with Whose I am and Who I want to honor with my life. I know that may sound strange to many who read this page, but  I made the choice to use my love for music in areas and ways that do not compromise my integrity and beliefs as a Christian. When I go to sleep at night I want my life to make a difference and impact people on a far greater scale than even singing for 70-thousand people ever did or could. It’s the personal connections with people and being there in moments that shape lives are what mean the most and make the greatest difference. I am proud of my beliefs and will sing/record anything that does not ask me to be anything or anyone other than who I am.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about providing vocals or voice acting services, and I thank you for visiting this page!

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  1. Mary Shaul says:

    i am interested in a wedding ceremony singer who can sing something “sincere” and then something “fun” to give the ceremony a relaxed good time vibe. Thanks Mary Shaul

  2. Trish Taylor says:

    I love your CD that I was given at a store in Round Rock, TX that is now defunct. I can’t remember the name, but I have played that CD for YEARS.. since the first time you put it out, I believe. I live in Austin and was wondering if you could provide the password for your samples… wondering if you’ve done more since then!? Are you ever in Austin? Doing shows? Just wondering! Thanks, Trish Taylor

    1. Gab-A-Lot says:

      Hi Trish! I’m so glad you found my blog and that you enjoyed my music. I had a few albums…do you know what was on the cover? If you find anything on iTunes or eBay, don’t buy it. I’ve never received a royalty payment…Universal has pocketed the profits. I’m going to add a shopping cart to the website soon and sell them directly. Or, I can do PayPal and put one in the mail for you. I SO appreciate your sweet words…the affirmation is really encouraging and I’m so glad you wrote. Thank you!!!

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