Music bio.: Gabbie Nolen Bio.

A little bit about me.

I love Jesus. A lot. Not in the new age, bobble head, prosperity, tv preacher, kind of way.

Those three people in the picture call me Mommy. I am beyond grateful. They make the love God has for us all the more astounding. That He would sacrifice His Son for us is beyond comprehension.

I’ve found most people make assumptions. I don’t believe in assuming anything.

I’m a writer and vocalist. In a former phase of life I was a recording artist on a major label. I now have some shiny little plaques and cute bullet points for a bio.

I was/am classically trained and had dreams of Julliard and Broadway. A few roads diverging later, I was making country music, singing for crowds of 70-thousand–all the while still dreaming of being Christine (POTO).

I’m a Texan–born, bred and grateful.

I’m a conservative with a hippy soul. I champion life in the womb–and outside of it!

I baby wear, believe in natural childbirth, and think parents should educate themselves on a whole slew of issues for the sake of their children.

I write. I sing. I play. I laugh. I cry. I create. I believe.

I’m what you might call a curious contradiction–a walking wanderer who’s not lost.

What about you?



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