So Long, Preschool!

18010154_10102389515927974_4953839385771504352_nTomorrow my baby (but in all actuality not really a baby anymore) will graduate preschool! That’s right–somewhere over the past few years he has gone from a wide eyed guy with scraggly hair and no teeth to a boisterous five year old ready to tackle the world–or at the very least, Kindergarten. In 24 hours he will don cap and gown and say “adios” to preschool. Over the years my creative, athletic and hilarious little boy has attended three different preschools, but is ending at the best. Thank God! We learned many lessons through trial, error and putting a bit too much stock in popular opinion when selecting the others he attended. But, this school has been phenomenal and the upside is little brother and sister will be there until it is time for them to officially launch into the big elementary years.

As I sit thinking about all we have been through together, I am grateful beyond description that my child is genuinely excited not only to begin Kindergarten, but do so proudly proclaiming he is homeschooled! This, my friends, is a true answer to prayer. He is not a “weirdo” or one who feels any need to do what the majority are doing. That is a gift not just for a homeschooling mom, but for any parent who wants their child to be confident in what makes them unique. And listen, I will not attempt to sell anyone on the benefits of homeschooling (unless you ask), because the only thing I really want is for parents to be sold on following God’s will for their family…and not judging what they don’t seek to understand about His will for ours. The reasons behind our educational choices are many and we are happy to share, but when all is said and done it simply comes down to walking in obedience with what we know God wants for us. That said, it has been something I knew was coming since long before I even knew there were children in the plan and it all began when I was producing talk radio. But, that’s a story I’m certain will unfold more over time.

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Suffice it to say, I never imagined my life looking anything like it does. Marriage? No thanks. Children? Not if I was on the road. And now, everything I never knew I wanted is what I have. Not only am I a mom to THREE little people, but I actually get to use my seminary degree and invest in the lives of people I may never meet face to face. And to top it off, I’m legitimately excited to begin teaching the children entrusted to my care. It’s a pretty sweet gig–sacrifices and all. And much like all those years of gigging, the nights are still long, the days are still ripe with creative juices flowing, and my brain is on overdrive as I think far too much about far too much. Totally different. Totally the same. Still me. But a much overhauled (because of Christ) version.

There will be much to share as I transition into this new season of life and I’m certain I will get much more personal as we go forward. But for now, if you are anti homeschool and/or feel the need to make and/or spread false notions–like I once did–I would encourage you to start off with simple research. If you are a Christian, watch “Indoctrination” or “Monumental” and check out these articles from my one of my favorite despised, right wing, Christian bloggers, Matt Walsh. He says so many things I feel that there’s no sense in repeating them. And honestly, even if you aren’t a Christian and can’t stand Walsh, if you can attempt to put your disdain for him aside, you may find yourself agreeing with much of what he talks about on this particular subject. Again, I am not a “homeschool is the only school” parent. I’m a “know your family and do what is right for them” parent. Whatever that looks like!!!

The TWO Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling

Christian Parents, Your Kids Aren’t Equipped to Be Public School Missionaries

So with that, I bid you goodnight and promise to post way too much information about our homeschool journey going forth!

In His Love,






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  1. Ann Nolen says:

    Loved this. You make me a better mom (and gammy) just by being you! I am blessed to call you my daughter! Love, Mom

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