We the People: Wake Up!

For the most part I’ve kept silent during this election process. Silent because the voices are deafening and my mind has been nearly unable to process it all. The level of corruption by our government, the blatant lies by the media and the complete complacency by we, the people, actually accepting and thus condoning the garbage we are being fed by those elected to their offices–is unfathomable. We are everything except what the founding fathers intended. Like most of you, I have a plethora of thoughts on the two choices we have for the next President of the United States. To be honest, I am beside myself that we are left with what I consider deplorable (thanks, for the shout out, Hills) options on both sides of the coin.

Political offices are not dictatorships, though those in office have managed to manipulate the public to forget that they are to serve and be a reachable voice for the public! We, the people, are their employers. We, the people, are to tell them what we want. They, the public servants are to listen and do. You can say we do our part by voting, but when our government is one big corporation bought, paid and brought to you by smaller corrupt corporations, our vote begins to border on hilarious. Your vote shows who you are willing to stand with and accept as worthy of the HONOR to represent you…the person.
Not once have I claimed to be a Trump supporter, nor have I ever registered myself with any party. Have I tended to vote Republican? Yes. Because I am a human being (that began at conception, by the way) and would like the government to know they belong to us not the other way around. Though most government employees have dismissed and attempted to forget this truth, I have not. It’s very simple, really. I believe in America–the one established long ago which looks nothing like the one she is today. No party is above my own intellect and free will and no party should be above yours either! Come on folks…I don’t take my cues from any man or woman–I take my cues from God. And whether or not you believe in Him, you surely believe in yourself and have thoughts that are unadulterated by the atrocity that is our public media and educational system. Right? I hear crickets…
Let’s flesh this out. Whether you lean liberal or conservative, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, etc. you owe it to yourself to do some serious reflection and figure out why you are taking the stand(s) you are. Some of my friends were staunch Bernie Sanders supporters who loathed Hillary Clinton, but now that they have been told from the top down she is the party option, they are rolling over and taking it. Give me a break. You can’t call yourself strong, independent and a person who wants change but not be willing to be the change you wish to see (props, Gahndi). I can’t believe all they once found inexcusable is suddenly deemed worthy of support by their votes and their very loud, equally as crass as the Trump they supposedly despise, voices. Seems their only reasoning is because they support a political party over a person–all the while spewing hate about the other person. Come on, people! At least make it an equal playing field to give your thoughts some credence.
Where is the uprising over The Clinton’s stealing the party, paying to play, over being “above the law” of the land and her ass not rotting in a prison cell? And if you don’t know what I’m talking about try some research that isn’t fed to you by the Soros funded media machine. I can stomach and even celebrate (at times) having different views than others, but I’m having a hard time stomaching the fact that one’s liberal agenda and support for the Democratic Party is of higher regard than their personal moral compass? And dear conservatives, don’t tell me they have no moral compass–sure they do–but they have decided it doesn’t matter because they are taking their cues from politicians. They are weakened by the system and exactly what the party wants in the voting public who makes up WE, the people. Wake up, America. 
Before you think I’m only coming down on one side of this political ponzi scheme that is D.C., the fact of the matter is, old Trumpster has been absolutely hog washed by our disgusting media–a media I once dreamed of giving my entire career choices to. Thank God I woke up and didn’t die. Figuratively and literally. If you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, I’ll just tell you I’m a realist. A little stay at home mommy with no sense of what’s going on in the world and too wrapped up in my daily happenings to care what goes on with who the public now calls “elite”. Oh wait…that’s what Hillary and “feminists” would say I am. I wanted my little girl to have “Joy” as her middle name. I prayed for that to be a consuming part of her and it is. She exudes joy and is a gift we treasure. I could not actually give her the middle name “Joy”, however, because all I could think of was Joy Behar, a nasty woman and self professed comedian who finds it fashionable to say horrendous things about the likes of women like myself.  There’s really nothing funny about her other than her operating under the assumption all conservative women are uneducated and somehow think men are more valuable. That’s funny, completely fictional and not a value add to the feminist movement. I’m digressing. An honest journalist is a rare breed–and usually unemployable. When employed by a major outlet, they are hunted like prey by those in “power” and pretty soon, before they even realize it, their voice is silenced and they are not even a shadow of their former selves. Little boys and girls wanting to research, write and share truth. Nope–those dreams die and they turn into everything they once found as wrong with journalism. Just a side bar.
As for Mr. Trump, I do not consider him a man of honor nor someone I would excitedly have dinner with, but we all–conservatives and liberals have loudly shouted out our disgust over the atrocious things he has said. All of us!!!  Seems to me people have come together rather universally in this regard. And yet–the agenda of the left to silence, sway and steer the focus off the DEPLORABLE acts of Hillary and the Soros funded mega machine that makes up so-called “journalism” has not been met with equal gusto and disgust. I find it absolutely sad that my liberal friends are not just as horrified about this woman representing them as they (and Republicans) are about this man everyone is so vested in destroying. A vote represents you and your voice. Do some research. Have some self respect. Don’t be more invested in your party than you as a person. If all the Sanders supporters spent their time creatively and collectively coming together with a write in vote, she would not win and he may. I’m not so sure Trump isn’t the Republican nominee just to ensure she wins.
30 years. 30 years of corruption, lying, and not only making herself powerful enough to get away with it, but being powerful enough to make the people of this country accept it. She is brilliant. Astonishingly brilliant. And completely corrupt. I’m not blind and I do see the much bigger picture. Me, in my little conservative stay at home mommy gig. I’m not stupid, Hillary. I’m not anti woman, Hillary. I’m not anti government, anti military or anti religious freedom, like you. I’m pro-people (which in turn makes me pro life), pro-values and pro-protecting what so many men and women gave their lives to establish and defend. And NSA, CIA, FBI, since I’m probably on your radar now for speaking up with truth, why don’t you just hire me since our government is all for employing people and giving “equal” opportunities? You can go ahead and clear all our student loan debt while you’re at it, since we are those middle class Americans The Clintons are all about helping. Oh wait–we are employed, so you can’t do that or we wouldn’t be able to support all those who don’t choose to work. And don’t tell me there’s a lack of jobs…I’m fairly certain Burger King is hiring. Anyway, if you hire me, I can keep my cover as just a simple minded, minivan driving mommy, who thinks a parent should be the primary influence over a child rather than a government who doesn’t even believe they should exist to begin with. Just a fleeting thought.
And there you have it. To my nearly 700 blog subscribers, thank you for reading. The thing is, I’m not some big ad generating blogger. Nor am I regaling the internet with all my cute little mommy stories about some craft project we did. I’m not those things because I don’t want to be silenced, bought or told to conform. I’m simply a voice who sometimes thinks things should not always stay hidden in my journal, but should be tossed out there and shared with the handful of those who still find free speech to be a beautiful thing…even when that speech is not in line with your opinions. These are just a few little thoughts I’m processing on this post debate morning. If you are like most millennials throwing up your thoughts all over social media, please remember: I didn’t say go vote for Trump. I just said how can you possibly go vote for Clinton?

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