I’m Back!

Hello, long-lost friends in Internet land! It’s been awhile and I have missed you so. I’ve been living life, but that’s no excuse for bottling my thoughts up inside rather than walking that fine line of over sharing information out here in WordPress world. So alas, I give you the latest updates.

My little B turned ONE YEAR OLD on April 10th and what a sweet celebration we had. His actual birthday was the middle of the week and my little dairy/grain free lad had his first waffles (Van’s because they are wheat/gluten/dairy free) and he loved them! I did give him a special treat with some homemade icing. The weekend following his big day we threw a “little man” themed birthday for him with bow ties and mustaches galore. Since Husband and I have an affinity for creating invitations and logos it was never a thought we would purchase such a thing. I wrote a little poem and we edited his picture onto the invite, created some fonts and voila…the wheels were in motion. The best part was having so many people ask which Etsy shop we purchased them from. New business venture, maybe? You never know! Anywho, the day was perfect. We put balloons tied to golf tees and stuck them throughout the front yard, served “Manwhiches” (aka burgers) and Vegan cupcakes. Mr. B got a mustache shaped Vegan cake all to himself. I’ve never seen him eat so much at one time…he loved his sweet treat. I made c.d.’s (of course) with our “First Year Favorites” and included several baby friendly songs and a few to bring the parents to tears (you’re welcome, friends:). Along with the c.d. each baby got a maraca so they could jam out at home and in the car. All in all, a super fun and blessed day. Oh! And we used the invitation template to create note cards so the guests could write a birthday wish for B. I’m planning on giving him those on his 18th birthday along with a journal I’m keeping for him. Here are a few pics from our milestone celebration

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Other than the party planning, I’ve been singing at a few private events (mainly weddings and celebration of life services) and recently reconnected with Bruce Schoen, my former A&R guru from the Universal Republic Records days. I got an unexpected treat when a fellow singing friend asked if I was available to sing the National Anthem for the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party and to my surprise it turned out to be a ticketed event with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. If you’ve spent two seconds speaking to me or per chance reading any of my past entries, you know I’m passionate about the Lord, our country and the political shenanigans taking place. I’ve produced a nationally syndicated political talk radio program and done pr writing/relations for Liberty Institute, among others. All this to say, I was really happy to lend my voice for this event because it represents something I actually care about. And here’s the deal, I’m going to be completely bold and let you all know that I want to be the person singing the Anthem for all the major conservative political functions. I know that may seem like a far cry from my past career, but I firmly believe there’s not a singer who’s genuinely more interested, passionate and actually involved in the issues (if there is then I applaud them!). Besides, I’ve sung the Anthem for nearly every major sporting team in Texas, not to mention special events, so there’s not a question as to whether or not I know the lyrics:). So, what do you think? Can you connect me to the right people? If so, by all means…I’m here waiting for the call. Help a singing Mama out! Here’s a little snapshot with Mr. Abbott

Gabbie Nolen and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
Gabbie Nolen and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

The other “big” news in my little corner of the universe is that my mom is getting married! That’s right, after ten years of singleness she is tying the knot with a man name Jim. On June 1, 2013 my mom will have her happy ending begin, which is very lovely. My younger brother, Lang, is flying in from New York later this month and I’m so excited to see him. I know B is curious who that voice is we talk to on the phone all the time, so it will be really fun to watch them meet in real life. I’ll post some pics of the wedding after all is said and done. In the meantime, I’m excited to sing with a string quartet again as that is always such a beautiful addition to a wedding. I don’t record myself singing at weddings because that would be completely rude and narcissistic, but since it’s my mom’s wedding, I’m thinking I might actually get some more recent footage. Hooray!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I do hope all of you are blogging more than me! The upside to my hiatus from WordPress world is that my journal and I have been on better terms lately, so that’s excellent. The air is warmer, the fragrance of flowers sweeter and many fun Summer adventures are in store. Hopefully that means this spot called “Gab-A-Lot” won’t be quite as stale and will see the same revitalization that Spring/Summer brings to every other facet of life!

Until then…thank you for your continued love and prayers. XOXO

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