Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013!

What a year…what a mighty life-changing and beautiful year! 2012 will live on as one of the best of my life for the obvious reason that I became a mother on April 10th. Everything pales in comparison to the birth of a child. Things that once mattered, matter very little (or not at all) now, and things I never gave much thought to are of paramount importance. 365 days of changes…some small, some big, but all a part of my continued story. Thank you, Lord, for your unbelievable provision and blessing me so much more than I could ever express.

As I look back on this year, I will remember not only the birth of my beloved son, but how we survived the birth. I will remember my mom coming to the hospital every day and Husband caring for our baby without having any real help to speak of those first few days. I will remember the beautiful baby shower and the loving kindness of those God has placed in my life. I will remember my transition from Producer to Writer to Social Media volunteer and worship singer with TIME TO REVIVE–a ministry I am so beyond grateful to be part of no matter how my role has adapted as my life has changed. I will remember all the lovely friendships and long drives I made while pregnant and doing freelance PR for Liberty Institute. And, I will remember the amazing mommies and babies who have entered my life and brought with them sweet memories and opportunities to encourage and be encouraged. Yes, 2012, I will remember all the people who entered my life and all those who exited…and I count it all blessed.

It’s customary for people to make new years resolutions, and that’s all well and good. But, while many are vowing to lose weight, I’m vowing to up my devotional time, to be more intentional in discipling and being discipled, and to leave behind those things that are of no value. On a quasi normal note, I would like to continue being dairy free, as it is so much cleaner, and to continue doing my part in protecting my baby from things and people who may hurt him. Other than that, I resolve to only use social media intentionally and not waste time on mindless activities. I’m sure my list will grow and evolve, as these are lifestyle choices more than new years resolutions.

So, what are you counting as blessed from 2012 and what are you seeking to change/continue in 2013? I pray over you reading these words that you will enter a new season with the Lord and that you would seek to glorify Him in all you do. And I pray the same for myself and my family.

Now…here’s my little dude wishing all of you a fabulous end to 2012 and a rockin’ 2013!!!

B wishes everyone a Happy 2013!
B wishes everyone a Happy 2013!

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