Happy Half…With a Side of Crunchy Politics

It may seem as though I’m never going to really return to posting regular updates–and I must admit, the time I have not spent in the blogosphere as of late, has been spent doing something of far greater (GASP)  importance…cherishing moments and creating memories with my son. Before you read any further, I can almost guarantee to spend at least a couple of moments on my political soapbox at some point in this update (you know you love it). So, if you’re still with me, thanks for allowing me the honor to spend a few minutes with you!

Tomorrow (or today, depending on when I actually post this), my baby will be six months old! I now understand what people mean when they say “the time flies”. In this case that certainly holds true. On April 10, 2012, my sweet guy was born. He came almost a month early via true emergency c-section. I’ll spare most of the details, but I will say a nearly perfect pregnancy came to a screeching halt when out of the blue I developed severe preeclampsia. The doctor was trying to get me to 37 weeks. I went from being on strict bed rest (minus the numerous trips to the doctor to monitor the baby), to a near catatonic state on the day of his birth. All I really know is that our sweet guy came into the world just before midnight and within half an hour of our arrival at the hospital. We didn’t have a camera (until our amazing friends went to our house, found it and brought it to the hospital in the middle of the night!), a hospital bag or any of the “stuff” most people bring because there simply wasn’t time. Our (or shall I say Husband’s) only concern was getting us to the hospital in record time. At the end of the day, I am so grateful to the Lord that I am alive, our son is healthy, and we are enjoying every second together!

On this, his HALF BIRTHDAY, he’s just shy of 13 pounds, exclusively breastfed, cloth diapered and every other “green” thing you can imagine. “B” came home weighing 4 lbs., 10 oz., and was so very tiny even the preemie clothes swallowed him! Now he is advancing to 3-6 month clothing, rolling all over the place and sitting unassisted. He’s been ahead on his gross motor milestones from the beginning. We didn’t realize until much later that babies don’t normally roll over at two weeks of age. Ha. Looking back, we think it’s because he fought so hard at the end of the pregnancy that he’s just super strong physically. We’ll just call him Popeye! Now, if he would just babble more! Actually, I can’t complain. My baby may not “talk” as much as other babies, but he doesn’t cry much, either. He’s a freakishly “good” baby. Answered prayers!

And on the Popeye note, I’ve remembered to share that I eat a TON of spinach. Literally. Little Man was diagnosed with MSPI at about two months. To break it down for you, it basically means my diet is reduced to very clean foods and is highly limited since whatever I take in gets passed on through the breast milk. Every time a Lactation Consultant finds out we have gone this long exclusively breastfeeding they praise me for sticking with it given such a difficult diet. Honestly, I can’t help but be a bit shocked to think it’s not something every mother would do. Who cares if I can’t eat dairy proteins (found in most everything) and restaurant food (to name a few)? For one, those things are so terrible for you to begin with, and for another, my baby’s well being is of FAR greater significance than any short term “sacrifices”. I know much more about breastfeeding than I ever planned on and am so grateful to have this experience. Virtually ANY WOMAN can breastfeed…but they really have to want to do so. I would say you have to give it a solid six weeks before throwing in the towel because those are the most difficult weeks. After that…smooth sailing. I was in the hospital for a full week, completely medicated and had a low birth-weight baby. We came home and I pumped every hour because my baby didn’t have enough jaw bone to feed on his own for the full amount of time. He would nurse for 5-10 minutes then I would pump and Husband would give him a bottle of expressed milk. This scenario went on for weeks. All that to say, we’ve come through a great deal and I’m now a huge advocate of doing whatever you have to do in order to give your child what’s best for them…their mother’s milk. TMI? Oh well… Not that it’s anyone’s business, but because of all the mountains we overcame early on, my little guy has not been given a bottle since he was two months old because, quite frankly, I have zero desire or reason to pump anymore. Yeah…definitely TMI for the blog world. It is what it is, folks!

If you know me at all, then you know I’m passionate about politics and I’m not shy about it. How’s that for a transition? I’m also very much a conservative and foremost a Christ follower. I had no idea how my love/hate for politics would influence many of the things I’m currently doing as a mother. But, when it comes to topics like breastfeeding and sharing some of what I’ve been through, I went from being quiet about the topic because it was “personal” to being public about my decision because it, like so many other things, has been falsely swiped by the liberal crowd as being something primarily liberals do for their brood. UGH. Over it. I can see some *eye rolls* now from some of those reading this, and that’s okay. But, if you’re rolling your eyes, then why are you still reading? Exactly. There’s plenty of people posting from the other side of the aisle and not enough defending women like myself. You know my type…pro-life, pro-Constitutional rights, pro-GOD. Liberals would have you believe they are more earth friendly than conservatives, and that’s simply not true. From how I feed our baby, to the decision to cloth diaper, use Vegan bath products and babywear, I feel all the more strongly about making it known that I am a proud, conservative Christian, doing these things and I won’t be run over by the band of liberals who insist conservatives don’t “care”. I, my friends, very much “care” and doing so not because I believe I’m a better person, but because this is God’s creation and I will do what I can to care for what He’s provided.

Just to cover my bases and make sure I’m not coming across completely pompous, I don’t believe everyone must do these things. It’s not my place to push my beliefs on others. It is my place, however, to share my thoughts, experiences and decisions in a world bombarded by liberal media and people choosing not to educate themselves on facts and spew lies (kind of like Big Bird being a Democrat). Did you hear…he asked the Obama to take down the ad and stop using PBS for his political ploys. No, you probably didn’t hear that because most of our mass media is so much in the back pocket of the Obama regime that they don’t report things with honesty. UGH…ridiculous! *Sigh*, I feel better now. Thank you for allowing me to get at least one rant in; I really do appreciate it. Never certain when my right to express my faith and beliefs will be taken away on the internet, as well, so I best say what I have to say while I can still say it! Okay, I feel I’ve come very close to that border where I may get shot now, so I should probably turn back and go to a place where we can all be friends again:).

Back to my baby. He is SIX MONTHS OLD!!! I’m crazy in love with this uber “green” child and will give my life to protect him and keep him safe from the madness of this world. One day he will be well aware of the world in which he lives and I’m certain there will be many bridges to cross at that point. But today, he is my sweet, innocent darling, filled with such joy. Those who know him are in love with him, those who meet him fall in love with him and those who don’t know him should love him. My wish for him today is that he continue to be healthy, happy and filled with laughter always. Isn’t that what every parent wishes for their baby?

I love you, B…


P.S. Please come back again…I promise I’ll play nice with the politics;).

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