Oh, Baby!

It goes without saying life is a gift from God and I am so thankful for this gift. For God creating me. For my mom choosing to carry and give birth to me. For both my parents teaching me what it meant to live life with integrity. With all of its sadness, joy, peaks and valleys it is an incredible journey to be treasured because it is a precious gift. Life.

Throughout my life I’ve had many interesting experiences with more than enough of those peaks and valleys to spare. The thing is, I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) change one moment because that would impact all of the others. Example: If I hadn’t gone back to college after my record deal I never would have met Husband. If I hadn’t gone to seminary I would not know and work with my former apartment managers/seminarians at the incredible radio ministry I now have the honor of being part of some seven years later! If I hadn’t thrown caution to the wind and gone to a women’s retreat where I knew only one person, I never would have met my precious blessing of a friend, Joanne. Life. Such a marvelous mystery!

You’ve read about Joanne before on this blog when we painted my fabulous piano. You can read more about that journey over here. Joanne is actually an aerospace engineer by trade, but far beyond that she is an incredible woman who loves the Lord and her family. She put her engineering hat aside when she became a mom to Luke (love this little man), seven years ago and decided to home-school. Let me tell you something, she is doing a phenomenal job because her son is brilliant! She also takes care of her hysterical husband, Alan, and since they’ve moved to the heart of downtown Dallas from the burbs, she is starting to gain very due recognition for her incredible design talents. People are asking my dear friend to design their homes/condos/spaces and are blown away by what she can do! You get the picture. So, when Joanne said she would like to throw me a baby shower, I was incredibly grateful for her friendship and excited to see what she would come up with. She did not disappoint and I only wish I could live that day over and over!

While I knew the shower would be beautiful, my dear collection of friends who came were in awe of Joanne’s design talents because for most, it was the first time they’d met her or seen her home. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for loving Baby and me so much that she would take such precious time and put in the amount of effort and resources she did to shower us so wonderfully. So, I wanted to share a few pics from the day and in my next post I’ll share more about the beautiful women that the Lord has brought into my life and the ways He has blessed this growing family through all of them. Before then, check out the world I had the honor of entering into this weekend! I can’t believe this was MY shower…thankful, thankful, thankful.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanne says:

    Ok… I am crying like a river over here!
    They are tears of joy and love.
    I am grateful for our friendship. I love ya, girl!

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