My Favorite Things

Remember the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music? That song reminds me of many special times gathered around the piano in our home while growing up. The sounds of my past (like that song), hold a dear place in my heart and remain neatly tucked in place. One of the reasons certain memories are so special most definitely can be equated to the people who helped create them.

My family is not what you would consider large. I never met my grandfathers. My dad’s mom, “Granny Nolen”, as we called her, lived in Oklahoma and passed away when I was about seven. My mom’s mom, “Mema”, died unexpectedly when I was 14. Aside from my younger brother and parents, my older siblings, few cousins and respective aunt and uncle on both sides, lived in other states so we did not see them often. Because I grew up in a small town, we weren’t at a loss for friends who were closer than family and for us some of those were my Godparents.

My Godparents have consistently provided support for me over the years and gone beyond the “call of duty”, you could say, in terms of truly living up to the roll of Godparents. Never has a holiday or event gone by where my “aunt and uncle” have not let me know I was thought of and cared for. They have consistently shown love and acknowledgment in moments both large and small throughout my life. This is not to say others don’t love me, because I am so very grateful for my family and those who do. But it is to give thanks and appreciation to my Godparents for always making certain to show and tell me they were thinking of me.

I wish there were a better way to express my sincere gratitude, but since I’m not there in person and can’t sing a song at that sweet piano, this is the best and most public way I know how to say “thank you”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Easter, my Birthday, St. Patty’s Day, Valentine’s or “just because”, I’ve never not received a card with a note and something tucked inside. This Christmas it was gift cards for a restaurant, and the three holidays before that it was Macy’s gift cards to “get something special”. Well, I did get “something special” and they are some of my favorite things because they are from two of my favorite people!

With all my love to my Godparents. God truly did bless me when He chose you to fill that special role. And while I know you don’t get on the internet, I do know your daughters *hint, hint, T&S* will read this to you. Also, if you’re wondering what I’ve gotten with the gift cards so far, I’ll tell you. One is green, one is blue with polka dots, and one is pink. They are all very soft and so comforting. Did you guess yet? They’re the most wonderful pajamas in the whole world!

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