The Journey of A Lifetime: Your Free Invitation

Another year just began and people all over this country made the ever-popular, yet seemingly disappointing New Year’s resolution. Chances are you know a few people feeling the excitement and anxiousness stemming from the desire to kick it off strong in order to avoid falling off the illusive wagon. Well, I have a challenge for you that will not disappoint. If you’ve done this one before, gave it a momentary thought or think people who do this are crazy for a number of reasons, then you fit the bill for who I want to join me on this journey. The best part: it’s absolutely free!

Ever questioned why people believe what they do? Assume you know things about God without reading what He actually says? Maybe you’ve heard people “quote” the Bible and thought, “I didn’t know that was in there”– could it be because it’s not? On the flip side of that coin, perhaps it certainly does originate in the Bible, but you’ve not read through or in proper context to notice those morsels.

My challenge to each and every one of you is this: read through the entire Bible in 90 days. Think I’m off my rocker? I think not wanting to know for certain what’s in the Bible is pretty off. This isn’t about us pointing fingers at each other, it’s simply a matter of fact. We all believe different things, Christian or not. Have you ever taken the time to discover why you believe exactly what you do? This is not about feelings or over-hyped emotions that many experience in varying realms of the “spiritual life”. This is about getting down to brass tacks and going directly to the source, not a feel good, do this, think that, dream it, be it “preacher” on the t.v. or radio or the latest author professing some 10 keys to spiritual success touted by Oprah’s Book Club.

I ask you, if you have time to log-on to Facebook, update your Twitter, forward junk mail, go to the gym, movies or dinner, then why not take a few minutes every day to log-on to a very easy to use program that will walk you through the Bible and track your progress? It’s free, for crying out loud. So–what do you have to lose? Nothing. What do you have to gain? A radically changed life. Believe it, don’t believe it, think it’s the greatest thing ever or total garbage–but do me a favor and give it a shot before assuming things that may or may not be true based on statements by people who may or may not know.

There are a number of great sites offering free online versions of the Bible with varying plans. The always popular yearly read is a great one if you’re a Christian already spending time in the Word. But if you just show up on certain Sunday’s, don’t show up at all and think it’s a total farce, then join me on the 90 day plan so you can actually have ground to stand on when you make your case. Simply select your start date, track your reading and, if you so choose, open your page up to others for accountability. Did I mention it’s free?!?!

I am a big advocate of because of the theologically sound materials available. If you want a great source of information, I also suggest for an abundance of excellent resources. The particular plan I’m following, strictly for the ease of tracking my 90 day spiritually fit progress is available by signing up HERE. Simply click the 90 day plan and read the most incredible story of all time. If you’d like me to be your accountability partner/friend during your journey, shoot me an email and let me know. I would be honored to walk alongside you–especially if you’ve never done something of this magnitude before. You can begin any day and if you fall behind, you can pick right back up where you left off, or take a mulligan and start over. Your choice.

If you are a stay-at-home mom/dad, and believe in leaving the t.v. off, you can try this during nap time and see how it goes. Just think, when those little people awake, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed for the rest of the day. If you are unemployed, then there’s no better time to devote yourself to learning who God is and who He wants you to be during this season of transition. Or, if you’re simply spending way too much time online and know you need to incorporate better habits in your life, then sign out of the sites you are on for fun and games, and sign in to take part of the only thing that will feed you back for eternity.

Only God can change a life and only through the study of His-Story can you unequivocally know why you believe what you believe and if it’s in line with what He says. No one but you can decide to make a change or resolve to have a deeper understanding of what is actually in the best-selling book of all time. So, put down the ding-dong, shut down the Farmville and give God some of your time. I challenge you to challenge yourself. Here’s to 2011 and transforming your life from the inside out.

*Curious about which version(s) I recommend for a solid rendering and reading? Check out the NASB, NET and ESV.

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  1. buttermilk80 says:

    How the sadness fills my heart when I consider “That Day”. How many billions will be gathered to hear condemnation. How many “If onlys” will fill the minds of those listening to God for the first time? How many will ponder the time they wasted? And how many Bibles still go unopened today?

    Horrible! Horrible! It will not go well for the vast majority of man on that day.

    We yell and scream. We sell our popularity for the sake of their souls. We stand between the Greatness of salvation and the squalid waste of humanity. I will not give in to hopelessness regarding the saving of souls. But I am often given to ponder the reception the Gospel gets.

    By His Grace.

    1. Gab-A-Lot says:

      It breaks my heart on a daily basis, especially when I think of those I know, love and have witnessed to personally. While many yell, scream and shove agenda’s down people’s throats, I cling to God’s calling for me to love them as Christ loves us. Sometimes I just want to shout “WAKE UP!!!”, but I know it’s between God and the individual. At the end of the day, the joy comes from knowing He already knows and no matter what, every piece of the story is to bring Him Glory!
      Thank you for reading my post and I’m thankful to know you’re out there loving and serving our amazing Father.

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