De-tangling TANGLED – Movie Review

Looking for a movie to see this Thanksgiving but not looking forward to the overpriced tickets? Well, if you’re like me and wish you could have saved a few hard-earned dollars on past movie-going experiences, I want to spare you the anxiety with this review, and give my hearty approval of TANGLED, the new Disney release.

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie a wee bit before the actual release date with a Press Pass I received. Not one who normally cares for animated movies, I almost didn’t go. Boy, am I glad I picked myself up, caught the infamous second wind and forced my tired eyes to stay open and get to the theater.

TANGLED is Disney’s fiftieth animated feature and is a rockin’ good time (yes, I said “rockin” in correlation to a Disney movie!). The music and story are a new twist on an old tale–the story of Rapunzel. Remember her? Yes, she was the one in the German fairy tale by Brothers Grimm. Go back and read the original to be reminded of how far and how much Rapunzel has changed, yet in some ways remains the same. One part will surely ring a familiar chord with your childhood memories–the witch still cries out in a shrewd little voice, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair”, and Rapunzel does eventually find her way home–though not by the same means as told in the original version. Hopefully I’ve not said too much.

I’m not into spoiling movies (or books), for people, so I’ll just let you know that the 3D was very good (not necessary, but good!), and while some parts of the movie may have been a bit scary for kids under 7, there was no cursing or ugly humor. There were a few parts where slapping was involved (concerned parents be warned), but the slapping always brought roars of laughter from the audience. The genuine love between Rapunzel and her thief of a prince, Flynn Ryder, woos the hearts of every person who’s ever dreamed of experiencing true love or been there. This is very much a movie that in many ways may be more enjoyed by adults than kids (though certainly good for everyone over 10–IMO).

While not a huge fan of Mandy Moore, she does a great job voicing Rapunzel, and likewise, Zachary Levi is excellent and delivers a dynamic performance in the role of wise cracking Flynn. The scenes involving the brother-ruffians (voiced by Ron Perelman), and those where the voices of  Brad Garrett and Jeffrey Tambor appear, put this film in almost the same category as Beauty and the Beast. I can’t help but think this would fare well in a musical setting, as well. The question is not if this will wind up on stage, but when. Before it gets that far down the road, go ahead and take your spouse and children (over 10) to see this film. If you regret it, then let’s just pretend I was not the one who encouraged you to spend your hard-earned bills.

Thanks for reading my little review of TANGLED…hopefully I’ve helped to de-tangle it a bit for you.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Ya got a way with words kiddo!

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