Dear Used Wedding Dress…

Used Wedding Dress

Dear Used Wedding Dress,

You were such an unexpected find–the magazine I found you in told me you cost $900 and had Alencon lace and hand sewn crystals. I never thought I’d wear something so sparkly–no offense to you, but I’m not typically that type of girl. Something about the way the light reflected off the delicate lace was beautiful and I knew, dear used wedding dress, that you were the one. Oh dear used wedding dress, I know you realize why we have to part, and no matter how the girl who once wore you was treated after that first dance, you still hold a sweet memory in my heart–that of my mother’s eyes filling with tears when she first saw the way you fit.

Dear used wedding dress, you’ve held up well and are ready for a new home. I’ve tried to find someone who thought you were just as beautiful as I did, but times are tough these days and everyone on Craigslist is out for a freebie–there seems to be no class left:(. My dear used wedding dress, you are not free and in this last attempt to find a loving home for you, I’m taking my cue from the SPCA and requesting a donation fee. My hope, dear used wedding dress, is that the right person will know your value ($1200 after alterations and cleaning), and make a donation that does not offend the girl who once wore you. Dear used wedding dress–if this person does not exist and you were only supposed to be worn and dance one dance, then like the SPCA I’m going to put you down. I’m not the first, wedding dress–there have been many more who have gone before.

While the alien who danced with us is no longer around, I won’t simply abandon you as he did us. No person, animal or dress deserves the havoc said alien put us through. Fortunately my dear used wedding dress, the alien did not permanently destroy us and many things have taken place since–including an amazing man who is a man of his word. Because of this man, wedding dress, I found something new that was perfectly suited for me–just like Husband. While you are a rare beauty, you can’t continue being part of our life. I hope you understand, dear used wedding dress, that you deserve a girl (size 4/6) to wear you on her special day–not to an alien, this time–but to a man who will dance only the dance of a lifetime with her–and you are a big part of that!!!

With that being said, dear used wedding dress, I wish you a fond farewell and am hopeful a new home will find you soon. Since Husband and I are moving 9/17/2010, it would be most wonderful for your adoption to take place before that date. Keep your fingers crossed, used wedding dress, that your adventure is not over and you won’t be put down.

With Interesting Memories,

The Girl Who Once Wore You

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  1. Mere says:

    don’t sell it…burn it! ahahhah yeah, im selling mine bc i don’t need it now that we’re married and it takes up a lot of space!

    1. Amber says:

      Gabrielle, you are so funny! I wish I had half the writing sense you do! Praying for a good and faithful home for your old wedding dress 🙂

      1. gabalot says:

        Amber, you are so sweet–I’m glad you appreciate and “get” the wit:)! How are the boys? We should really get together for coffee and catch up sometime. Tell the CBFers (good word, huh?) we say “hello”!

    2. gabalot says:

      I think it’s awesome if you can sell your dress and I’d burn this one, but I LOVE what this guy did and it’s so much more rewarding — — you’ll get a good laugh out of it–great for lots of free and amusing entertainment. Now, my dress from Jamaica I can’t part with–it just means way too much to me:).

      1. Kristen says:

        Hahaha, Gab, that guy’s website is hilarious!!

  2. Erin says:

    Best wishes to you in trying to sell your wedding dress. I have been there before and couldn’t find a buyer. I ended up donating mine to a second chance store and it sold. At least someone else will get use out of it! 🙂 P.S. you are such a great writer!!

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