My Cup Overflows

Life has kept me very busy the last couple of months. In addition to writing resumes for several people and singing at wedding and funeral services, I’m also the Children’s Minister at a church in DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth). And lest I forget, I’m still overseeing patient appointments in Dallas two days a week! There is no way to explain how much energy has been required as of late not just to function, but function well. I don’t want to get so involved and be pulled in so many directions that the most important priorities in life suffer. So far, Husband and I are keeping our eye on the goal and running the race with perseverance while not getting wrapped up in the rat race that’s so easy to join. With everything on my plate, I’m incredibly blessed that God is allowing me not only to continue in full-time ministry surrounded by encouraging believers, but also meet and develop friendships with people who are not church goers and/or Christians, but still fun people who are adding to the colors of my life–and hopefully I’m adding to theirs in the process! Every morning I wake up thankful for another day to experience God’s grace and love and do my best to share it with others.

The past couple of weeks have seen me overhauling the first of many large spaces in the Children’s building at church. I love that my creative expression is not only encouraged, but backed by complete confidence I can turn this room into something unique and special. Before I was asked to oversee this project there were many ideas for what it should/shouldn’t look like. Since I’ve been given the reigns, my mind has been in overdrive dreaming of what the walls should look like, what kind of seating and stage we should have–all with the awareness that we live in an area that is saturated by “stuff” and it’s more difficult than ever to capture and keep a child’s attention. With this in mind, all the walls will be completely different and have everything from an ocean theme with a pier for the stage, palm trees and surf boards on the walls, to a jungle with all types of animals and a city sky line that leads to a puppet theatre that will look like a Broadway stage–complete with a marquee, of course. The thing is, as fun as everything sounds and will ultimately be, the getting there is quite a daunting task.

Today I’m going to work with a wonderful volunteer and sketch out the large scenes on the canvas hangings that some men built for us. Sunday through Thursday have been deemed church-wide work nights where I’ll be very thankful to have people showing up to paint the scenes, hang the canvas, build the stage, install lighting and sound, etc. The list is literally endless and for now I’m just having to take one tiny step at a time so as to not be completely consumed. I know God wants this to happen, though, and He keeps on giving me the needed strength to get through another day. I’m looking forward to all of the work being accomplished and confident it will bring a whole new flock of kids and families to the church. In the meantime, I’m eager to get this show on the road and open a new and exciting Children’s Church–I can’t wait for our “Grand Opening” on September 12, 2010.

Beyond all these things, Husband and I are so fortunate to have found our next place to live. We looked high and low for an apartment that would be affordable, safe, clean and in a decent area. We must have looked at 20 places between Dallas and Ft. Worth and finally gave up, going month-to-month in our current place. Well, two days ago I felt compelled to look online for the first time in several weeks–and there it was. We didn’t think we would get the place (it’s in a fourplex) because another woman was to be dropping off her deposit and had first dibbs. After seeing it, we knew it was perfect for us and hit all the things we were hoping for, but feeling were impossible in this area. We prayed and prayed and prayed about it–I even apologized to God for being so “gabby” about the situation. Well, low and behold, we received a call yesterday morning saying the woman did not show up with the check and it was ours. I’m SO incredibly thankful and just had to share this praise with you. It’s an older place (which I do not care about), but very clean, GREAT location, fair price, and a landlord that seems very kind. Since Husband and I don’t know where God will take us next and with the economy in the tank, we’re avoiding purchasing a home right now. All that to say, we move in next month and I’m pumped!!!

Well, I should probably get on out of here. Before I meet with my wonderful volunteer, Breck (cool name, huh?), I have to make a stop at Michael’s and Lowe’s to collect some more supplies for our GIGANTIC art/renovation project! If you’re looking for anything to do and want to serve, I’m not above letting you know the helpful hands are very much appreciated:). I know everyone is super busy with work, church and living life–but I couldn’t help putting the need out there. And to all of my believing friends, your prayers and support are so appreciated as I continue to seek God’s will in all things and live a life that is worthy of calling myself a Christian. I love you all!!!

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  1. WK says:

    Just passing by. Wishing you a very good luck with your day to day events.

    1. gabalot says:

      Thank you so much! I love knowing someone new stumbled across my little place on the web. Have a great weekend–I appreciate your encouragement.

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