The Bookshelf

Well, in the course of ridding my life of things so that my husband and I are free to go wherever God ultimately calls us, I have given quite a bit to charity and sold some larger items–like the bookshelf. I know some of you will laugh that I actually took the time to post on an inanimate object, but I’m a sentimental gal who has fond memories of the bookshelf.

I moved away from my teensy hometown when I was 15. My mom and I had an apartment about five hours away because of the amount I was singing. Evidence #1: In less than nine months we put over 100K miles on our Expedition–the first and last time we leased a vehicle! When my mom returned home full time and I had my first place alone, we bought some furniture. I remember how much fun it was going to Eurway and picking out my “grown-up” bedframe, nighstands and other items. An avid songwriter and reader, a bookshelf was a serious necessity for my not-so-fabulous organizational skills…you have never seen someone with the amount of notebooks and papers as this girl–it verges on ridiculous. The point is, my bookshelf went from Arlington to Denton to Las Colinas. In the end it traveled to Tennessee, Arizona and eventually made the haul back to Texas. When I left my secular music career behind, it was because I knew my gifts needed to be given back to the One who gave them to me. It’s very easy to make idols of careers–especially those in entertainment. At 22 I finished my B.A. in Broadcast Management and immediately began my Master of Arts in Media at Dallas Theological Seminary.  My time in seminary was difficult, to say the least–but it was and remains an amazing blessing and I am thankful God called me to ministry. As with most graduate level educations, there was a TON of reading involved. I’m not talking about a couple of books per course–I’m talking about 20-40 books per course…BIG books!!! Needless to say, I had to get another bookshelf.

Bookshelf #1 saw many transitions while in my life and held many of my most treasured writings. With the move to downsize and live on less, I knew the time had come to alas, say farewell to the bookshelf. With that, I took a picture, priced my guy to sell and received a dozen offers in less than 24 hours…if only my other things would go that quickly:)! In the end, my husband asked the couple who came for the bookshelf what they would be using it for. The response? Well, it just so turns out they are newlyweds and he is beginning his Masters in Theology–who says God isn’t funny? I was so thrilled to hear about where the bookshelf was off to next and continue to laugh at how it all worked out. My old bookshelf is not going to be an arts and crafts project for some HGTV junkie. No–it will keep on providing room for another avid reader and simple guy pursuing ministry.

That, my friends, is why I had to share the story of the bookshelf.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Love the story! This funny story about a book shelf may be small and seem insignificant but it sure does show you how God has his hand in everything! May the bookshelf, the old owners and new owners all continue on Gods journey!

  2. Amber says:

    I am so glad he showed up to get the bookcase! It goes to show that God’s hands are in all the details of our lives. Thanks for sharing!

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