HCG in Dallas

With all of the pills, plans and prescriptions available, many people have tried a variety of methods to lose weight. There are those who are successful, but the majority of the time people bounce right back up on the scale and frustration sets in. As a woman, I know all too well what it’s like to agonize over body image issues and wish I could change this, that, or the other about myself. I have learned to be confident in how God created me, though, and do my part in taking care of the body I have temporarily been given. Having both a mother and father as physicians, followed by two brothers–health and prevention are extremely important in my family. I am of the mindset that our bodies function as a whole unit and the way we treat it through the items we take in are directly reflected in many of the ailments we do or do not experience. There are a number of things I am against and believe people should have lifestyles and mindsets that reflect a care and concern for their health. That being said, I know many people who work out routinely, eat right (no processed/artificial foods), don’t smoke, etc., who simply struggle with extra weight–this is so frustrating when you’re doing everything “right”. This is why I’m excited to share with you about HCG. If you haven’t heard of it yet–you will. More than likely you’ve seen a number of billboards about “40 lbs. in 40 days” or something to the sort. These are referring to HCG. My mom, Dr. Ann Nolen, is avidly involved in HCG weight loss and has successfully transformed hundreds of lives through the Rx injections she offers. After much success at her locations in Georgetown and Lakeway, she opened AIM Medical in the heart of Dallas–uptown, to be exact. AIM is a boutique, specialty office, dedicated solely to HCG and cosmetic procedures. I’ve been so excited to watch the men and women in North Texas see profound results over the past few weeks. I’m writing this primarily so those who are considering where to order HCG from will trust AIM Medical–only regulated, legitimate product is ordered and prescribed. It’s easier than it sounds and if done with the right doctor prescribing the right product–100 % safe. To prove what I’ve seen HCG through AIM Medical do, I’m going to do a 20-day cycle beginning July5. My husband is going to do a 40-day round (the regular version) and I’ll be filming the whole thing. If you happen to stumble upon this article, I encourage you to search my mom at www.hcgdoctor.wordpress.com or www.aimmedical.org. Since she is a physician, she’s not the most internet savvy girl (don’t tell her I said that;), but she has can be found on Facebook and Twitter by searching HCG Doctor. Before ordering drops that have no regulations and no guarantee of what you are putting in your body, call AIM Medical and lose the weight safely.

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  1. Renee says:

    I wanted to find out more about HCG. Is the practice in Dallas?

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