Treasure the Trash

We were married in the best way possible – alone on a beach with only God, the Jamaican minister, photographer and wedding planner as our witnesses. It was the greatest day of our lives and a decision we will never regret. Prior to boycotting the traditional wedding, though, we were close to saying “I do” in the neon lights of Vegas. Oh yes…my dream come true – NOT. We wanted what we wound up having, but before that I spent much time agonizing over the possibility of hurting people’s feelings should we not include them. The more we planned for Vegas, however, the more heartsick we became. It in no way fit the criteria of what we wanted: simple, Christian, beach. Husband made it clear this day was between us and God and I should not worry about everyone else or we’d regret it the rest of our lives. The hardest part of changing the plan turned out not to be who was hurt because they weren’t the ones footing the bill. It actually wound up being how many people would not get to see the invitations we made.

Husband and I are both creative thinkers. I grew up on stage and we met in an Advertising class. We could not have a Vegas wedding without making it completely our own. I didn’t want flowers, a piece of cardstock or our pictures involved in the process of invitations. What’s left, then? Well, I have a love for old show posters and somewhere along the way we took the concept and created our invitations. The picture shown was our rough copy and the final invites were done on a high gloss paper. We wrapped them up like a scroll and Husband had the clever idea of attaching ticket stubs to the outside to continue the “going to a show” theme. For our RSVP cards, we ordered them from an online site and wrote the copy (of course), which read: “With invitations sent and plans being made, we would like to know if you will join us on our wedding day. RSVP by December 3rd…the best seats will go to the early birds!” Because we did not change our wedding plans until a few short weeks before, we had already purchased, put stamps on and sent out half of the invites. The other half were never seen. Now, here they sit in a trash bag ready to forever be discarded of, but they will always live on in our hearts and on this little blog. Thanks for reminiscing with me today. Now, go throw out something you can’t use either;)!

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