Technology & Beyond

Technology &  Beyond is a wonderful IT company based in Texas. Launched in 2000 by established IT Engineers, T&B is no stranger to the world of computers, phones, and all the other fun equipment offices deal with. I recently had the pleasure of creating a mailer introducing their services for Medical IT Support to new physicians in a certain area. I learned yesterday the mailer is generating a wonderful response and I couldn’t be happier. I know the offices said mailer went to have no idea who I am or about this post, but for anyone who may stop by and read this – I wanted to share a bit about Technology & Beyond with you because they are GREAT people who deserve recognition.

There aren’t many companies left that genuinely treat their customers with the service and respect they deserve, but T&B is focused on these basic principles of treating others the way you wish to be treated. You tend to forget the founders of the company are highly trained, efficient IT technicians, simply because they are not your average “techies”. This group of men and women have personality – and loads of it – which adds to their service and having to deal with them. Gone are the days of awkward conversations with guys who have no people skills. Offering 24/7 IT Support, the techs at Technology & Beyond rarely receive phone calls because they diligently monitor and update the equipment, so their customers should never have to call. When the phone rings, though, you get an actual person – not a “press 1 or 2” and spend the day hoping for a call back. I’ll be honest – I could really care less about all things IT related, but having met a number of these types, it’s a breathe of fresh air to come across an honest, reputable, and hard working company that is not out to rob their clients – what a concept! Because of this, I wanted to share with you about Technology & Beyond.

If you work for or own a company with computers, phones, servers, or any other piece of equipment, the guys at Technology & Beyond will make certain it always stays running – providing you peace of mind and efficiency to run your business smoothly. If you’re frustrated that the geeks aren’t getting the job done right the first time, or you’re thinking of cutting costs with your current IT staff/company, I encourage you to call Technology and Beyond at (469) 672-4277 or visit their site at Not only will they save you money, but they will treat you with care. Trust me…you won’t be disapointed.

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  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    1. gabalot says:

      Hi Jason,

      I wanted to send a quick reply to a comment you left on my blog. I apologize for the delayed response—your message wound up in the spam folder.
      I appreciate your positive feedback and if I can ever be of help, please let me know.

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