Acts 3:1-10

Perspectives Through Poetry – Acts 3:1-10

He stood out in the
crowd because he was
different and known by
all as a beggar. A man
born lame, He would sit
outside the temple gate
at a place called
Beautiful, where he
sought refuge in the
alms of those entering.
The time came when
Peter and John approached
Beautiful and gave him no alms,
for they offered refuge in
something far greater
And through the power of
Christ Jesus alive in
them, the lame man was
strengthened and leapt
fervently to his feet
giving praise to
God as all within the temple
were filled with amazement
at his transformation
He stood out in the
crowd because he was
This poem is my personal reflection on  Acts 3:1-10.
I encourage you to read the full story and be blessed in your own time of reflection.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anne Marie Eschberger says:

    This is really good!!! I am very impressed. Hope things are going well for you. I think of you often. Did you take the photo too?

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