Quirky Ad

Today I thought I would share this slightly offbeat copy I wrote advertising a special offer for a salon and spa. *Note I did this for a third-party and not the company for which the copy is advertising. However, I’m sure they won’t begrudge the added exposure:).

$20 for Professional Pampering at Aura Hair and Body

Time changes all things but your look is trapped somewhere between The Jetsons and a bad 70s sitcom. With all the green you’ve spent on personal care that leaves you stressed from spending, it’s time you go green with the special of the day. For only $20 you get $50 worth of pampering with the highly acclaimed and nationally recognized staff at Aura Hair and Body. Aura will make your smile shine brightly, your hair bounce with joy, and your body feel restored like you never had teen angst, acne, or looked like your tresses were caught in an outlet.

A Salt Lake City jewel, Aura offers a broad range of services so you receive exactly what you need. Experts in the oh-so-fun world of curly hair, the staff at Aura are Deva Certified to make sure you and your curls look like the diva you are. Don’t fear what kind of treatment you will receive in the spa, either. Godzilla won’t be pounding the knots out of your back and your pretty pluckers will be in the care of licensed staff that stays on the forefront of aesthetic techniques. You will step out their door looking finer than a Tiffany’s diamond.

Aura Hair and Body takes pride in providing the best hair and body services since shampoo made its debut on the scene. Embrace a new you while making your friends green with envy that you discovered Aura first.

Aura Hair and Body receives 5 star ratings on Insider Pages and Yelp:

“It was my first time visiting the salon. I was referred by a friend. The salon is absolutely beautiful inside and Lisa gave me an amazing cut and color. I am very happy and will be returning. I also was able to get my brows done while I processed. My esthetician was not only knowledgeable at brow shaping but also talked about other services she offered. The microdermabrasion treatment was of interest to me for only $49.00. I signed up quick for that one…..usually microdermabrasions are $100 to $150. Thanks everyone at AURA!” – J.G.

“Kara is amazing at making my hair look great. I have the most difficult hair with which to work. She is able to change the difficulties into assets. She listens to my wants and needs and it always turns out great. I would travel far to get this hair care!” – Roberta