The 411 on Gab-A-Lot

Who: Gabrielle Nolen. Professional InkSlinger/Writer/Word Guru. Specializing in creating unique copy for all industries.

What: Master of Arts, Media and Communication. Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast Journalism and English.

When: ever you need solid, response-driven writing for your business or personal needs.

Where: or call 469.737.9538

Why: Skilled in creating copy for radio, television and print. Ghostwriting, press releases, biographies, blogs, feature articles, and virtually anything you can dream or need, we can write!

Welcome to my little corner of the WordPress world. In the wake of launching, I started thinking about the practicality of a standard website, which is all I have ever had for my business. Let’s be honest though, I’m not a web designer and really don’t speak techy language. My husband, well, he’s another story. That said, I was committed to building the new “revamped” site on my own (I’m kind of stubborn that way), but truth be told, I couldn’t get over how boring it felt. Besides, I have a blog for my creative writings and life ponderings, so why not have my professional business in blog format?!?! GENIUS. I know, millions of other geniuses have had trod this road before and paved the way for the rest of us, and alas, I have embraced the power a professional blog affords. And so my dear friends and fellow bloggers, I welcome you to the adventure that is Gab-A-Lot Productions.